Protect your data, protect your reputation and save yourself a fine.

Data Protection Risk Assessments from £149.00

From May 2018, your business needs solid procedures and processes to protect Client and Customer Data. We will help you understand the risks within your business and work with you to register and mitigate those risks, thus avoiding business interruption, reputational damage and significant fines.

Whether you’re a small Bar or Restaurant processing a few credit card transactions, a Real Estate Agent handling sensitive legal paperwork, or an online Marketing Business working across geographic frontiers; the way you handle data is changing.

Every item of customer data could be as valuable as 4% of your annual turnover, therefore it must be treated securely, sensitively and procedures need to be in place to oversee it’s control.

Our Partners have worked in Senior Roles within Risk Management Teams across Financial Services and Retail Sectors and are now dedicated to helping prepare Small Businesses and Owner-Managed Businesses to comply with these new, stringent regulations.

Remember, GDPR is now live so time is of the essense! Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange your Risk Assessment. It is important to make progress towards compliance and put steps in place to prevent any breaches beyond this date.

Our friends at Iperium are now hosting our online Risk Assessment questionnaire. Take the first steps towards compliance for just £149.00. Pay by Visa / Mastercard here.

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