Our Ethos

We’re a business that understands three things:

  1. You’ll seldom succeed in business if you have no clear strategy or direction
  2. You’re unlikely to develop your business if you ignore your people
  3. Your Clients are (usually) human and have psychological reactions to everything you do
  • So why is it that over 80% of SME’s have no formal strategy for their business and that over a third of large corporations fail to share their plans with their people?
  • How can most businesses of less than five people have no formal communications strategy or succession plan?
  • Why can the worlds largest online retailer and the UK’s largest supermarket tell you at least 100 facts about each customer, whereas most Independent Estate Agents can seldom categorise or recognise their best sales leads?

Enough of the Q&A…

What do we do and how do we do it?

We pride ourselves on providing a service that combines strategy and tactics. We love white-boards, but equally enjoy rolling up our sleeves and finding solutions. We don’t wear suits, flash ties or brogues! Don’t expect our brand experts to be branded! What you can expect is a team of people that listen, ask the right questions and provide straightforward advice. We’ll bring corporate experience to your business, and at Package, Retained or hourly rates that are accessible and achievable.

What we can and can’t do

We can provide advice, but won’t make Clients take action on our recommendations. We will work with you to find solutions to identified issues or risks, but can’t provide a complete service without absolute Client transparency. We’re professionally qualified and legally protected but we’ll always be honest if we can’t help or if our service standards are compromised by Conflict of Interest. We’ll provide straightforward terms and conditions, and work to agreed contracts, but our bills will need paying to agreed time frames.

How we work

  1. You come to us, we’ll never cold call.
  2. We’ll match one of our people to your people.
  3. We’ll listen, discover, diagnose and present a range of services or solutions
  4. When engaged, we’ll do all we can to develop a relationship that’s valuable in every way
  5. We’ll regularly review our performance and let you know how we’re all doing against an agreed set of metrics and versus peers

We look forward to working with you, wherever you are.

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